Monday, August 13, 2007


Yesterday, we had the pleasure of attending a quiet family party. A "birthday" party no less! It was a party for four of my hubby's family members...each with birthdays that have recently happened or will. Dan's grandfather, father, brother(visiting from Nevada) and sister were the lucky birthday stars! Our dear, old family friend threw the party in her lovely backyard, and it was a really nice time.
Dan and I have been very blessed to have his Grandfather in the lives of our children. Not every grandfather gets to see and participate in the lives of their grandchild's children's lives. He has been able to hold each one of my dear children and it will forever be special to me:-)

While at the party, I decided I wanted to get a four generation picture of Liam, Dan, his Father and Grandfather. Thankfully, they were game. It took a couple of tries, but this is the one I most like...

Aren't they a handsome bunch? I think it came it out pretty nicely and it will be something I hope that both Dan and Liam will cherish as time goes on.

We also had the pleasure of visiting with Dan's younger brother, Joe, who happened to be down visiting from Nevada. We really only get to see him once or twice a year(and usually his wife and daughter are with him). So this was a special treat! He was able to meet his nephew for the first time and got to hold him for a bit. Liam seemed to really like him...and I took the opportunity to get a shot with them together...

If you're wondering, yes the girls were there...however, the pictures are rather amusing to me. Fiona came out quite lovely, with a sweet non-mischievous smile(hiding the fact that she probably was planning something sneaky to do), but Brenna was so excited that her smiles were...well, let me just show you :-)

Well, they still are pretty cute! I love my sweet family and I hope that I will have many more opportunities to get pictures of all my dears with their great grandfather.
Goodnight my dear friends! Hope you are having a wonderful night...


Meredith said...

what a great 4 generation photo!

That is an accomplishment to get 3 men and a baby looking at the camera at the same time, let alone smiling.

Glad to have found your blog for the first time.

Pat in Tenn said...

What lovely pictures !!! They are quite a group of men.

THe girls look lovely also. Now, where is your picture?

I am so glad that you all had a nice time with the family. Thank you for sharing with us.


laurel said...

Hi Sommer!
I just found you from a comment you left on Meredith's blog. I love, love, love that version (I can't think of the correct word for it at the it mommy brain) of Be Thou My Vision that's on your blog. Can you direct me to where I can find it? Thanks!

tash said...

Hi Sommer, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Our dog isn't a saluki (though I love those dogs) she's actually a cross, half greyhound/lurcher and half alsatian. She's got the most beautiful eyes, and all of her features are outlined as if with kohl-pencil! She's our little Egyptian sphynx :)

It looks like you had a lovely time at the party, we don't live very close to our (small) family, but we see them when we can.

Have a good week!

Regina Clare Jane said...

What lovely pictures! I am so glad you got to all be together and that you took pictures as well! I always seem to forget my camera!
Liam is such a puddin' and the girls are so precious!