Monday, August 13, 2007

Meeting Jane...

Dear Mrs. Wilt over at The Sparrow's Nest has decided to host A Fortnight of Jane Austen. I am soooo very excited by this! I just love her books and have read almost all of them. Of course, in trying to prepare for my little post here, I realised that I have never read Mansfield did I miss that one? But I digress....will you join Mrs. Wilt in celebrating and getting to know Miss Austen a little better over the next fortnight? Do check out her post here.

Anyway, Mrs. Wilt has asked us today..."When did you first "meet" Jane?" Well the funny thing is that I don't exactly remember what prompted me to read the first book...perhaps someone suggested it to me, but I think it may have been because I saw Sense and Sensibility...and thought it looked like something I would really enjoy. However, it was not that book that I read first, but Pride and Prejudice. I was taken with it so swiftly and found her writing so delightful! Her wit and humor are wonderful and certainly I have not just read it once:-) From that point on, I've been a fan....perhaps even a Janite as Mrs. Wilt so calls it. I've only recently read Persuasion and found that to be such an enjoyable read and now I must go out and read Mansfield Park...I can't believe I haven' t yet!

And of course, as probably most Janites would attest to, if you've read the books, you've probably watched the different movies too. Yes, I've done that and will watch them as often as my time allows. At this point, I've only seen the A&E Pride and Prejudice, the new Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly, Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow and Sense and Sensibility. I hear that PBS is going to be showing many of them (perhaps newer ones)this coming year...I am just waiting....aaaah, the suspense!

Well, that is my little bit of contribution to the Fortnight of Jane Austen. I do hope you will join in. I can't say that I will post everyday, but I will try to most days if time allows.




summershine said...

Emma, with Gwyneth Paltrow is a very enjoyable version. My favorite version of Emma, however, stars Kate Beckinsale (before her excursion into the land of vampires and underworld's).

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, thanks for posting about this and the link, Sommer! I would certainly like to add my little piece! I love Jane as well and even am a member of our local and national JA Society!

fairmaiden said...

I am trying to read "The Complete Novels Of Jane Austen~Volumn I" which includes 'Sense & Sensibility', 'Pride & Prejudice', and 'Mansfield Park'. I have seen all the J.A. movies out there in all the them. You may want to view 'Mansfield Park'. I like it.

Sommer said...

Summer~I have never seen the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma. I must go and rent it:-)

Regina~I'm glad you enjoyed the link. This is fun and I wish I was a member of one of those societies. How do you go about it?

Fairmaiden~Each of my books are seperate volumes, but they are well loved:-)
I think the viewing of Mansfield Park will be on my list of to watch movies.

Lots of love,