Wednesday, August 8, 2007


There is a first time for everything...for each one of us. What I may think is mundane now, was once a first time for me. There was a time that my Mom had to show me how to wash dishes or wash laundry...but now, it is second nature.

Today I had my little helper Brenna trying to give me a hand at folding laundry. Of course, in my busyness, my first inclination was to say, "oh, not now...mommy is busy." But, that would be silly...who wants to always be rushing and never savor the special times with a dear child? So, I slowed down and let her help me. I showed her how to fold a shirt and pants, and underthings too. She was best with the underthings....but there is plenty of time:-)

I also remember learning to sew...what a joy that was! Now, although I'm not an expert, I can do most things without much thought(usually). So when my children want me to show them...I have to make time to do so. With a little baby, sometimes it is challenging, but I don't want to put these things off. They will only ask for so long...then they will have no desire and I will have missed a chance to bond and give them a great skill for later.

Well, Miss Brenna has been asking to learn for sometime now. I don't think she is quite ready for a big sewing project, but I'd like to let her learn and practice handling thread, needle and fabric. This afternoon found Fiona was away with a friend and Liam was napping soundly, so we decided it would be a splendid time to sew:-) After lunch, Miss Brenna ran over to my little sewing corner and brought the box of sewing things that are just for her. And we sat down for about an hour and sewed. Now, mind you, this project was with felt and yarn and a little plastic needle, but she did so well! I was so proud and so was she...that is worth more than money could buy. I'm glad that I didn't just brush her off and tell her I was too busy or another day would be better! Because, now she has something to show and be proud of and she got to spend very special time with just me...I will cherish this always. Let me share(as a proud momma) some pictures of Brenna and her FIRST sewing project....

And while we are talking about firsts, I thought I'd share a picture of Liam having his first swing ride:-) It must not have been too exciting because within a matter of minutes, he was fast asleep...

I'm so glad that I get the opportunity to enjoy my childrens' different first moments. I pray I'm never too busy to help them happen. And maybe, I'll even get the chance to have some firsts along with them!

4 comments: said...

Dearest Sommer, hello ((my precious friend))I just *loved* this post! Brenna's fish is just beautiful--how special that you were able to spend the time making it, together. I can only imagine how proud of it she must be. And Liam, is too sweet asleep in the swing. You are so very blessed, and so are they.
Much love to you, Sommer. Thanks for being such a kind, caring, loving friend. And thank-you for sharing your lovely life.
((Sommer)) Jewels

Lauren Christine said...

That is such a heart warming post. What a fun little sewing project. Thanks for sharing that treasured moment :)

Regina Clare Jane said...

Hee hee! How sweet are those pictures! Yes, I know you will never regret having those precious moments with your children...
Miss Brenna did a wonderful job with her little fish and Liam- how precious!
A good reminder post for all of us to slow down...

Sommer said...

Jewels~Thanks for those sweet words. You are a dear and wonderful friend too!

Lauren~Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it:-)

Regina Clare Jane~Oh, yes, surely a moment to be treasured! And yes, it is a reminder to me as well to slow down. Sometimes, I'm just too caught up in the is time to begin enjoying those dear children.

Thanks for all the encouragement!

Lots of love,