Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kindness At Home

"When you give, give with joy, smiling."


Kind Words At Home*

"Speak kindly in the morning; it lightens the cares of the day, and makes the household and all other affairs move along more smoothly.

Speak kindly at night, for it may be that before dawn some loved one may finish his or her space of life, and it will be too late to ask forgiveness.

Speak kindly at all times; it encourages the downcast, cheers the sorrowing, and very likely awakens the erring to earnest resolves to do better, with strength to keep them.

Kind words are balm to the soul. They oil up the entire machinery of life, and keep it in good running order."

From~Smiles In The Home*

"Encourage the bright spirit in your child; let its soul sing with all its strength while it may. The keen zest for enjoyment must be encouraged and directed. It is a blessed privilege for the mother to minister in every way she can to the delight and amusement of her dear ones. And one of the most beneficial industries of motherhood is to provide all manner of sport and recreation for her children at home, and to see to it that they feast their senses on garden and field and park and forest as often as possible.

But, most of all, set God before the mind of youth, then you will know how to make the spirit of your children joyous by teaching them that the life of heaven is joy without end. The beautiful things with which their Maker has surrounded them in, are only faint images of the beauties with which the infinite magnificence has decked out his and our eternal home.

But, O woman-whether you live in a palace or in a hovel-if your chief care be to have God ever live in your heart, His light within you will shed such unearthly beauty on all things. You will make your loved ones see a fairy palace in this world, in spite of your own poverty and your life of hard labor. So, keep that light ever full in your family's soul."

I am so convicted and touched by these words I wrote above tonight! I wish so to have God's light shine through me to bless my home and my family, to give my children attention and amusement, joy and rest. I know that there are times where God's light does not come through, but my own strugglings. I hope that by sharing these words with all of you dear friends, I will be able to encourage someone to let God's light shine through you and to remember to be kind each day! May I remember this too!



*These are being shared from Daughters of Destiny, compiled and edited by Noelle Wheeler Goforth

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fairmaiden said...

This is so important. Something good to be reminded of regularly. I've read 'Daughters of Destiny', but didn't remember this part. Must be time to read it again. Thank you for is helpful to me in preparations for beginning a new school year in 2 wks.