Thursday, August 23, 2007

Praying For Your Children

I was just over visiting Amy's blog and she had a great post about praying for our children. If you have the time, pop on over and see what she has to say, here.

Praying for my children is something I am trying to do daily. Like Amy says, it is better to go first to the Lord for help. I know that when we are struggling with attitudes of different sorts at home, I always feel better for having brought the issue to God. Of course, I also will talk to a friend or my Mom sometimes...but, my first stop is on my knees to the Lord.

Just after Liam was born, we found ourselves struggling with Brenna and attitude and temper problems. I spent a lot of time talking to the Lord about it(not to mention my hubby, Mom and a good friend) and recently, I've been able to see a change. She still has attitude sometimes and has a heck of a temper...but the outbursts are fewer now.

So, when you are struggling with a trying child or even just uncertain of how to deal with a sadness, etc., remember to first get on your knees and bring all your woes, worries, tears, etc... to Him that has all wisdom. Surely, He is a faithful Lord and friend!




Serena said...

I haven't checked out Amy's post yet, but what you wrote is very encouraging to me. Most of the time I feel like I have no idea what I am doing, and once I think I have a bit of an idea, Fiona goes into another weird phase. This was a timely reminder. Thank you!

Summer said...

Thanks for this reminder Sommer. I often pray for help for me to know how best to teach my kids, but I ought to pray more often for them to be able to listen and understand what I'm trying to teach them.