Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thoughts on Motherhood

"There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a mother who places her heart in the Lord."

Bonnie Jensen

"Mother did not think of herself as deeply spiritual. She would have protested if anyone had said she was. But she was certainly hungry for God, deeply conscious of her own...need of Him. Called to be a mother, entrusted with the holy task of cooperating with God in shaping the destinies of six people, she knew it was too heavy a burden to carry alone. She did not try. She went to Him whose name is Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father. She asked His help-daily."

Elisabeth Elliot~The Shaping Of A Christian Family

Excerpted from Quiet Moments for Mothers by Joyce and H. Norman Wright

I was always so blessed by my Mom's love of the Lord and her desire for me to have the same. This was more important to her than a degree or financial success. Yes, she would have liked that for us too, but it was not her primary goal. Each morning and evening she prayed with us, sending me off to school with the reassurance that the Lord had heard her prayers and that they would continue throughout the day. I knew(and still know) that she loved me dearly, not because of all the things she gave me...but because of her constant focus on God and teaching me to do the same.

Today, my husband and I are trying to raise up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We desire to fill them with His love, His that they will then raise their own children in this way. I know that my desire to do so, first began with my Mom's example. I know that we don't agree on all points in our faith, but the things that truly matter are there and because she walked this path before me, I can now do so with my own children. If she had not turned to the Lord for strength and guidance, I may not be where I am now. The Lord has worked mightily in my life(and still is)...had she not been praying for me, perhaps I would not have seen this so early in my life. It is the Lord that changes hearts, but I am so thankful He used my Mom to open my eyes to what is important...loving Him, my Lord and Saviour!

I highly encourage mothers to turn to the Lord when troubled, or just wanting some encouragement. I myself need to do this more. I often pray, but I have a difficult time making time for quiet reading of the Word and spending this time with God. Let your children hear your prayers for them sometimes, make time for God and His will I. This is kind of my way of establishing a routine of doing it myself, keeping myself faithful to what I know is right. If you aren't already doing so, wont you join me?




Regina Clare Jane said...

This was a lovely post, Sommer- I pray for all you dear mothers. Even though I was never able to have babies of my own, I still feel that I have somehow been given a gift and that is to pray for all those who can and cherish that beautiful gift from God!
Bless you!

Joy said...

Aren't mothers wonderful?! :-) Mine is the best in the whole world! (In my opinion at least.)
I was browsing random blogs and came across your 'Little women' blog and so on to here!
Have a great day!