Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Cuteness

I really have nothing new to post, but couldn't leave you without a little baby cuteness and sneak peak into the little dress I'm making for Rowan :-) I mean...there weren't any pictures of her in the last post...that surely wasn't kind of me, was it now?!

So, first...I just wanted to show you Rowan's sweet feet in her little slippers that I made for her. You know, these ones here...

Aren't they sweet on her?! And look at those darling little ankle rolls! To die for!

And here she is showing off her "tummy time" skills :-) She is so cute, I could just kiss on her all day...

And here she is in all of her drooly glory. She is the Queen of Drool I tell you! Only babies seem to be able to pull off the drool and toothless look, and still be dubbed adorable. And I'd even kiss a matter of fact, I think I did as soon as I took the picture ;-)

Now that Rowan has been blessing us with full nights of sleep and a 2-4 hour morning nap...I've had time to sew on occasion(assuming I'm not falling asleep with a sewing needle in my hand). I decided I needed to finally work on the outfits I'd make BEFORE she was born. So, first up is a little slip dress. I'll tell you more when it is finished, but one of the details is a bit of embroidery. It took me a while to figure out what and where I wanted to place it. After much thought, I chose to embroider two birds holding clover(from an iron on pattern I have) in the right corner near the hem. I haven't really ever done I was very happy with how it turned out. Would you like to see?

You do?!

Oh goodie!

Here it is...

Not the best picture I know..sorry! The clover leaves are in satin stitch and the stems and birds are in back stitch. The dress is a pale yellow and the girls thought orange would be lovely for the birds. I really like the color combo.

I am hoping that I can share the finished product next week. We will see. I decided that we needed bloomers and a bonnet to, it may take a little longer yet;-)

Hope you enjoyed a little wee goodness with me. I sure enjoyed sharing!



Tilly said...

Oh I miss that chubby little angel!! She was just the nicest baby to get to hold. :) I wish we lived closer! I'll be seeing Elaine over the weekend, so I'll pass along the pen-pal update and your address then... I hope she and Fiona have as much fun as I think they will!

Miss Jen said...

Her slippers are SO sweet and little Rowan
is adorable!!!! :) What a blessing!!

Love~ Miss Jen

Zebu said...


Thank you for sharing. Are babies just the best? ;)

Mama Hen said...

I love those baby rolls. We call them rubberband hands and feet around here. Too precious.

And I am excited to see the finished product!

Simply Heart And Home said...

What sweet little baby feet! And the booties are adorable!


Simply Heart And Home said...


She gets cuter each day! And those booties! Adorable!

I am so glad you can post again. I have missed you.

By the way, you'd best get ready as the fairies are going to be knocking at your door as you are one of the winner's of this month's Country Heart Giveaway! Congratulations!