Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day in the Life of a 10 week Old

Just thought it would be fun to share a few pictures of Rowan at 10 weeks. Just above she is enjoying her swing. When I need my hands, this is my savior at times. She will happily sit there, enjoying the lights and music.

Below is a shot of her most kissable little feet and rolls :-) I love baby rolls!

And here she is just gazing at mama. I couldn't resist making it a kind of colorized black and white. I love this girl!

Not much is going on and no word on our most of the houses we looked at last week are gone :-( But, God has a plan I can not I will not worry.

This week I am preparing for a visit from my dear friend Tilly! Can't wait to see her :-)

Have a wonderful Lord's Day!


Sarah Jane said...

Baby rolls are the best! :) Rowan gets lovelier with each new photo I see of her. What a darling to hold and kiss and squeeze and love!

I'll continue to pray about your house. We are in the midst of not knowing where we may be moving to ourselves (although we will probably rent, rather than buy) so I have been struggling with feelings of fear/worry rather than relying on God, as I should. . :( Who knows what wonderful blessing He has in store for you?! :) I can't wait to see how He works in this situation!

Give Tilly a hug for me! I've never met her but wish I could! (as well as you!) Have a delightful visit!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Rowan is growing like a weed! She is so adorable! I had a swing with my younger two and it is a Godsend!



Miss Jen said...

What a blessing from the Lord!! :)
She is such a CUTIE!!!

Love & Blessings~ Miss Jen

Keri said...

She is so kissable! What a blessed mama you are!

Zebu said...


Isn't it just obvious and wonderful to be able to tell which mamas are bless-ed! Sarah Jane and Sommer, you are two of them. We can tell ;)

P.S. Oooo, I could just bite those little legs!

Simply Heart And Home said...


I know you are having trouble viewing my website but I wanted to invite you any way. I can submit your name if you'd like. :)

You are cordially invited to join us in this month's Country Heart Giveaway.



Mama Hen said...

She is adorable! I too love baby fat rolls. They are so squishy and kissable. And little baby feet-get me a spoon. Truly, she is beautiful.

Dawne said...

She is absolutely adorable! :o)

Thank you for the 'heads up' on my description. lol I had heard that BB would possibly be shut down...if you ever want to be relieved of it, just LMK.