Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Updates and such

(Liam, Brenna and Fiona waiting for their grandparents at the mall)

Well, since last I wrote we found out that our offer was not accepted on the house we wanted. Oh, really wasn't my favorite anyhow :-) So, now we go back to square one and begin looking again. Hopefully we will be doing so next week.

I'm not sure what the Lord has in store for us, but we are praying that He provides something for us. Things continue to be stressful while here in this little spot with our less than pleasant neighbor. I'm ready for a home of our where my children can...

climb hills,
slide down mountains,
and simply be...

I am a tyrant...and it isn't because I want to be.

On other subjects...Liam continues to give me joy. What a chatty, loving little boy he is. Of course, he hits too(which we are strongly discouraging) and throws little tantrums. But all-in-all he is gentle and sweet. His curls enrapture me and his smile wins me over almost every time.

Rowan is smiling, laughing and putting her head up more and more. Before I know it she will be rolling over. How has the time flown so quickly? I know I ask this on a regular basis;-) This little girl has a smile that reaches her eyes every time and melts my heart. I've been busily working on a little dress for her and I hope to show it to you later this week or early next week.

Fiona is fast becoming a young lady...tall, beautiful and loving. She just can't be almost 10 and "growing". It isn't fair! They just grow up too fast!

Brenna is ever my helper. Constantly willing to fold laundry, do dishes, carry in groceries and love on her sister and brother. She LOVES to sew and she and I are working on a project together. Again, I hope to show this to you all soon. This morning, Brenna and I woke before everyone else(well, not Dan) and snuggled out on the couch for about twenty minutes. We chatted and cuddled. What fun!

I am forever reminded of the joys of my children and pray that I will focus more on the joy of my home and how we can create more peace in it. All too often strife is within these walls. I want peace, joy and love to overwhelm our home and cast out all strife. Of course, this is only possible when the Lord is I pray Lord that you come and place yourself fully in the center of our home and family! Lord come!

May you all find joy and peace in your home today! Find a reason to sit down and snuggle your littles and your hubby...and have joy overwhelming!



Keri said...

What a sweet picture of your home life! I love the mental picture of you and your daughter snuggling together in the morning. Blessed!

Sarah Jane said...

I too love the mental picture of you and your daughter snuggling together. :) Judah is the same, although quite a bit younger. He is my little helper and every morning after his daddy leaves for work he comes into bed and snuggles with me. It's one of my favorite parts of the day! :)

I'll continue to pray for your home - that you will be led to one that you feel complete peace about and really, really like. I unfortunately can sympathize with the less-than-ideal neighbor situation. :(

Thanks for the reminder about the Lord being the center of the home. Nothing can change for the better for my home unless He is among us and we are allowing Him to work in our hearts.

I love the picture of your three oldest!

Simply Heart And Home said...

God has just the right house for you. Praying you will find it soon!