Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 Months and Meeting A Dear Friend

Today is Rowan's 3 month birthday! Wow, how the time has continued to speed along. I am daily reminded to hold dear the days with my children that I have. All too soon they will be grown and on their own.

So, what mile stones has Rowan reached? Well, she is getting stronger and as you can see from the picture above, that she can lift her head well. She pushes with her sweet little fists and holds it for a longer amount of time each day! She looks like she is making a very big effort this time with her little tongue sticking out :-) She also gleefully brings her fists and blankets to her mouth..sweet.

Last night she laughed for the first time! I was letting Liam take a few "dizzy turns" in his room while waiting for daddy to come read to him and I had Rowan in the crook of my arm. She was just watching him as he kept going around and then all of a sudden I heard the distinct sounds of a chuckle! So darling! Of course Liam loved that he made her laugh, and went back to taking his turns trying to get her to do it again. There is just something so very precious when babies giggle..sigh..

On another note...

This last Friday I was honored to have my dear friend Tilly and her friend Anne come by for a visit. Tilly and I have been friends via email, snail mail and our blogs since around the time I was pregnant with Liam. However, we'd never yet met in person. So I had the lovely opportunity to see her while she was out on the west coast.

What a blessing! I wish we had more time to spend together, but we did get the opportunity to chat and share tea together. We met each other's children and I met Anne. Tilly, you are as sweet as I thought you'd be and I so enjoyed our time together! I hope that we can visit again someday! As for now, I will continue to write and talk with you via the written word! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy travel time to see me :-)

And here we are:

(Tilly and Me w/ Rowan)

It is a blessing to find kindred spirits and I do believe I have found one in Tilly! It is amazing how many wonderful friends I have made through my blog and other groups I've been on. And it would be a blessing to meet so many of my dear sisters here :-)



PatinTenn said...

Okay, first, that baby girl is just beautiful !!! My how she is growing......

Second, that is wonderful that you were able to meet Tilly. I don't know her like you do, but I have been around her here on the web with some the groups. That is so nice that you two were able to visit.

Take care !!

Deborah said...

I love reading Tilly's blog! That is so neat that you could meet in person!!

Rebecca J said...

Three months already? What a cutie Sommer! Glad you are cuddling. The time really flies.

Isn't it fun to meet in "real life?" Glad you had a nice time.


Sarah Jane said...

I can't believe Rowan is three months old already! I keep thinking of her as a newborn, and she is getting so big! It was delightful to read about her first laugh. Isn't that one of the most wonderful sounds in the world?! :)

You and Tilly look so happy together! How wonderful you were able to meet and spend some time with each other.

Mama Hen said...

She is so sweet! And when they first start laughing it just stops me in my tracks. I love it.

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, look at those cheeks! She is adorable!!

Simply Heart And Home said...


What joy to meet a kindred spirit in person! You both look radiant! And miss Rowan as well. She is growing so quickly!