Friday, August 21, 2009

4 Months and Conquering Fears

Last week was a momentous week! At least in our household :-) My hubby had Wednesday off and so the kids enjoyed going to the park with him. It is a tad hard for me to go alone with them, so I know they enjoyed it..we don't do it often other wise.

Fiona finally found out how to do this gliding play structure and was very pleased with herself. Finally tall enough and strong enough :-)

Now Brenna amazed me! After years of refusing to go down the slides because she was afraid, she finally conquered her fears! This momma is so very proud of her. I think it is always wonderful when a little one can realize that their fear may only be a product of their own imagination and not because of any actual danger...she finally figured that out now :-)

My big, brave girlie...

And Liam...well, he has no fear!

And once you conquer your think up games to play with your sister. Slide racing anyone?

And the next big thing? Rowan turned 4 months! Can you believe it?! I know, I think I said that last month ;-p But really, the time is flying.

She can hold up her head quite nicely now and just yesterday...she turned onto her side! Watch out...she'll be crawling before I know it!

She falls asleep all by herself and sucks her thumb. Isn't she darling?

She is 18lbs of pure love and adorableness and my sweet love :-)

That's the news at my home! I hope you are all well my friends.



Miss Jen said...

what blessings! :>)
You are a blessed momma
to have such treasures
from the Lord and that
you get to see them find
happiness in the simple things! :)

Love~ Miss Jen

Sarah Jane said...

What a cutie! I can't believe she is four months either. Oh my goodness how fast time does go by! I love the picture of you and her together. Your eyes look so much the same.

Isnt' it fun when the whole family can go do something together? We dont often go to the park either, even when we lived in town and just down the road from one since I too have a hard time keeping an eye on everyone when they just go with me. The boys love having their daddy go with them and I'm sure your children feel the same way! It looks like a wonderful time!

fairmaiden said...

Rowan sure is adorableness and this pic of you two is so good. You should frame it!

Lauren Christine said...

What a fun day! :) Your girls and little man sure are precious!!

Mama Hen said...

I love four months! Their little personalities are starting to come out more and more. And all those baby fat rolls! She is just precious. Love the sleeping picture.

Your whole family seems so sweet.