Saturday, August 22, 2009

I was blog reading this morning and found a lovely post about our ministry in the mundane. It is easy to forget how important our everyday actions...those that seem ordinary...are. But we have a HUGE ministry in the daily things we do for our family.

I think Rebecca often has such great things to share. I love reading her words of wisdom and often find myself convicted or encouraged. Her post really expresses the importance of our ministry...better than I could I'm sure :-) Pop over and read THIS post. I think you will find it encouraging.


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fairmaiden said...

Thank you for sharing...I will go over and read it now. The LORD has been constant in speaking to my heart these past 21yrs. of how precious, meaningful, and beautiful our job in the home is. If I listen to any other voice than HIS, I hear differently, even the church! HE is the only one(and my dear husnand) telling me how much it matters that I remain home tending to the ways of my household with love.