Friday, December 7, 2007

Full, Yet Thirsty Wednesday(on Thursday)

My dear friend Peggy posted this yesterday, and I thought I'd join in today:-) So, enjoy....
What is your heart's praise and yet, your heart's need today?
My heart's praise today is....
the joy of watching my daughter enjoy learning about bats...such joy!
My heart's need today is....
to just enjoy my children and to be patient, no matter what.
Feel free to join in:-) Just link back to Peggy HERE.


Tilly said...

On a side note...I have that picture in my living room! :) I got a calender of his artwork on sale for 50% off and cut out the pictures...trimmed the edges and decorated! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Sommer,
Thank you for stopping by my blog this afternoon. I read over your blog and it is so peaceful here:-)

Sommer said...

Oh I'm so glad you stopped by Peggy! And I am happy you enjoyed your stay and found it peaceful. That is my desire, a peaceful place to contemplate my Lord and my life:-)

See you soon!

Lots of love,