Saturday, December 1, 2007

Beginning Advent

I fear that I have neglected my little blog here for a bit. So sorry!

It is just amazing how the last month has flown by and now we are heading into the Christmas season. I love Christmas! It is my most favorite of holidays and I enjoy the specialness of it. Giving gifts and finding ways to share and have joy during this time is some of the most important of events for me. But above all else, is the joy of knowing that my Lord and Saviour came down as a helpless babe all those many years ago. He came so little and so seemingly helpless...and yet, He is God! Mighty and capable of great deeds..and years later He gave the most awesome gift! I think that it is most important to remember this at this time of year. No matter your or poor, in good health or very ill....the true meaning of Christmas is the same and we should not think on it lightly. We should treasure it and spread the joy of our salvation to all around us!

Well, last night, I started my celebration of Christmas by taking my kids and parents to a Tree Lighting in a local community near us. It was soooo much fun! It seemed that the whole town turned out and of course the Mayor and Citizens of the Year. It was quite cold, so my Dad bought everyone hot cocoa....yummy! As we awaited the lighting of the tree, a lovely older fellow led the crowd in caroling. I just loved it...and I even knew most of the songs:-) In the above picture, the tree had just been lit. If I'd know there was a star on the top...I would have tried to get a picture of it too. But, I didn't notice it until later...oh well, I think it was a very pretty one:-)

Santa even showed up on a fire truck! That was fun to watch. I've never told my kids that Santa was real, but they still enjoyed watching that. Below is a pic of my parents(my Mom is holding Liam)and the kids. I really enjoyed spending this time with them.
What a way to bring in the Advent! The joy one receives from watching their children have such pleasure in these simple things is greater than you might imagine.
I am hoping to get in a couple more such events before Christmas. I don't desire to be rushing about and I've already got my shopping done, so this will be just joy-filled fun:-)
Next Saturday, Dan and I plan on taking the kids to Bethlehem Experience. I will tell more about that next week and hopefully I will be able to share pictures of that as well. And sometime between now and Christmas, my parents and I will take the kids to Christmas in the Park. This is an annual happening for us(ever since I was a kid). Usually Dan and I go with the kids, but he works nights I will hopefully be doing it with my Mom and Dad.
Well, I hope you all have a lovely night and I pray your Christmas season is filled with joy and peace.


Serena said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Merry, merry Christmas to you and yours!

Tilly said...

Oh what fun!! I just put our lights on the tree we got yesterday...I like to get it the first Sunday in Advent, but we wait to fill it with gifts until Christmas's so much fun to have traditions, isn't it?