Saturday, December 22, 2007

And The Stockings Were Hung....

Last night was a flurry of Christmas decorating:-) I'd done a little earlier this month, but we had not gotten a tree and the stockings were not yet hung. We'd decided because of finances that the tree would have to be left out this year...and really I was quite at peace about this, because really it is about Christ not the tree!

But, on Wednesday we visited Dan's Mom and I had seen some garland and asked where that might be found, so I could at least fashion something to hang our ornaments from. Well, she had several extra in her garage and when I told her what I wanted them for...she insisted that I take a little fake tree she had stored away as well. Oh, what joy! It really made me warm inside, because although I was fine with not having a tree this year and so were the gave me such pleasure to know that I could have them decorate it this year too! They were quite excited and so last night, we found ourselvses around the tree decorating!

Here are some pictures of our home this Christmas:

Our stockings(crocheted by my Mom when I was a child..I need to make one for Liam for next year) and a beautiful snowflake.

I placed our Nativity scene and snowglobes on the piano with some of the garland, red bows and cardinals. Some of our cards are amongst the branches:-)

And here is our sweet, little tree:-) I have my usual tree skirt under it and the stain glass angel that we bought when first married tops it. I think the girls did an absolutely lovely job decorating:-) And my treadle sewing machine makes a good stand for it..and out of Liam's reach!

And just one thing else to share...this is the gingerbread house Fiona made at her Sunday evening Bible class. I think she did a lovely job with it:-)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed looking in my windows this Christmas and seeing how we've decorated our home on a slim budget. Whenever I feel lacking during the Christmas holidays, I just remember back to the Christmases recorded in the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. They truly had little...but it was precious all the same!

Merry Christmas dear friends!



Jenn V said...

Thanks for sharing...what a beautiful surprise to have a tree this Christmas. And I love the little gingerbread house! How sweet!

Your mention of the Christmases in the "Little House" books made me think of one in particular--in On The Banks of Plum Creek, where they went to church and there was a tree with gifts on it. Laura got the little fur cape and muff she wanted. For some reason, I get choked up when I read that part aloud to my kids.

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


fairmaiden said...

I too always think of the 'little house christmases' every year. My favorite holiday book is 'a little house christmas'. I have raised my children with these stories and the simplicity they teach.

Your blog is so pretty. You know I favor WHITE!!! So I love the white background. And the pic in your header I just love. It gives such good feelings.

Thank you for your prayers. My daughter is all better. We have not received the results from the ultrasound yet, probably won't until after christmas. But she feels all well.

I wish you & your sweet family a very merry ChrisTmas. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

It all looks so pretty !!!

Thank you for sharing.

Much love,