Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

I just wanted to pop in this morning and wish all my dear friends and readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! May each of you have a very blessed day, full of joy and blessings!

We actually will not be leaving for anything until this evening. Dinner will be at Dan's grandfather's home and I haven't been asked to bring it will be rather laid back today. I still may do a practice run of the item I plan on making for gifts this year(a yummy treat!), but otherwise I will just enjoy the day:-)

I have so much to be thankful for. I wanted to list just a few of them...

*I have an awesome Savior that died for me and by grace am I saved!

*I am married to a most wonderful man:-)

*I have three lovely children, all very special.

*I have been blessed with another sweet darling on the way!

*I have a roof over my head.

*I have food on the table.

And although there may be times I complain or my contentment lacks...I am still so much richer than I could ever imagine!

Have a wonderful day today and remember to give thanks to our Lord!



Simply Heart And Home said...

What a lovely thankful list. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


Sarah Jane said...

I enjoyed your list very much and have exactly the same things to be thankful for as well (except, you have one more little one than I do!) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Tracylea said...

You have been tagged by me, Tracylea!