Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Week, Quiet Thursday

Some weeks are just busy. This has been one of least in the beginning. Monday, I needed to run to Costco. It is always a bit hectic there, but my sweet hubby kept the kids with him and I was able to just run there and get what I needed and then head home. Unfortunately by the end of that day I had a whopper of a headache!

Tuesday we had a field trip planned, so the books were shelved and we hopped in the car. We headed to a local pizza shop called Pizza My Heart(the girls and Liam are gleefully modeling their t-shirts). We were with a few other homeschool moms and kids for a lovely tour of the shop. They were able to see the freezer(and go in..brrrr), watch a pizza get thrown(Fiona had the benefit of wearing one as a pic though:-( ), and then they got to make their own pizzas. What fun! This was definitely one of the most hands-on trips we've been on.

After that we headed to Safeway for a few items we can't get at Costco and then picked Dad up from work.

Wednesday was another busy day. We had a time at the park scheduled to celebrate a friend's birthday, but I had a headache and really wasn't looking forward to that:-( It went well enough and then off to Beverly's for some Christmas and sewing needs, then Trader Joe's for the last few things I can't get else where!

But today...I am home! Both because I planned it this way(I really need the break) and my husband's schedule was so crammed today. With one car, I sometimes am forced to stay at home and I am so happy for that! When you have just one car, it is so much easier to plan around that and I love having no choice but to say no to things sometimes:-)

To keep the day productive and enjoyable we have done a few things. We had our first full day of school this week and I got some laundry washed that was greatly needed. I continued to declutter my kitchen table which seems to get the worst the quickest! I also did dishes. But the thing I enjoyed the most was watching Brenna complete a pillow she made:-)

She started this pretty, pink pillow a couple of months ago and has been waiting for me to pick up some stuffing to fill it(yesterdays trip to Beverly's). She picked out the fabric herself and just stitched it up using straight stitches all the way around until about 3 inches from the final corner. We turned it right side out and she stuffed away, then closed the opening with simple little whip stitching. She is still learning so her stitches are sometimes uneven, but I am thrilled with her progress and her desire to learn! Now she plans on making her little Liam one for Christmas:-)

Tonight, I will throw together some dresses for the girls(hopefully) and iron the fabric that is newly washed for the stockings. Maybe I'll even be able to cut some of them out. Hopefully my headache will stay at bay, but I've been suffering from them a bit lately.

Well, now I'm off to make some Chocolate Chip Cookies and enjoy the rest of my quiet Thursday!



Sarah Jane said...

Brenna's pillow looks wonderful! We have just one vehicle also so I'm glad to be "forced" to stay at home some days. :) It helps me to be more productive!

Hope your headaches disappear - those are never nice to have. (typing this as I have one of my own. . .)

Simply Heart And Home said...

I hope your headache is long gone. Chocolate chip cookies should help! :)

You do sound very busy. I love days spent at home. Shopping is a necessity and I enjoy it at times but prefer a quiet day at home.

Have a blessed weekend!