Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny...why didn't I think of this!?

I came across the most ingenious tutorial ever! Okay, at least for a mom with an infant boy who was warned about needing to "be prepared" when changing said boy, for an unpleasant shower! You've just got to check this out if you have a little boy baby, are expecting one or just want an amused chuckle.

Now why didn't I think of this? As amusing as it is, it is a splendid idea(come on mom's of boys, you know it is)...and I think I just might make some if I have another little boy baby:-)



Sarah Jane said...

lol, that IS a great idea! My sons have only considerately given me a "shower" once or twice, but you never know when the fount may decide to overflow. . .:)

Simply Heart And Home said...


Those are too cute! I could have used those when my son was a baby!