Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Oh, my! When writing my "Daybook" post I inadvertently put something in it that has caused some of my dear readers to think I am expecting. So sorry Pat and Gina and anyone else that was confused. I am NOT expecting(although I surely would love more children). The baby I was speaking of has already been born and belongs to my dear choir director. She is a little beauty and I desire to make her a little outfit or bonnet:-)

Again, I am so sorry for any confusion. But, if I do become pregnant, I will no doubt let you all know:-D

Oh, and Pat, I am sorry...I didn't put through your comment only because I thought perhaps you were thinking of someone else and I apologize. I am so glad you enjoyed my blog!


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Simply Heart And Home said...


Congratulations to your choir director! :) and sorry I jumped to conclusions!

Have a lovely day!