Friday, May 23, 2008

A View From The Mountain And A Few Extras

I know you all are probably tired of my rambling on about our trip, but I just wanted to share a couple more pictures.

The first two are from the top of Vernal Falls. So, yes...I really did get to the top:-) I really like the view you can see in the second picture. It is amazing to see how high we came and there are two lovely rainbows just faintly seen.

I of course had to include one with Liam. He was having so much fun picking up and dropping pine needles. Isn't his smile grand!?

I saw these dainty little pink flowers as we walked towards the top of Glacier Point. They looked like little bells and I just loved them:-) I think they were on a Manzanita. Not sure though.

And finally, a beautiful view of Half Dome. What an amazing natural structure! This is one of the few things I knew the name of when I first got here. I've seen many shots of it before.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling...I really hope you didn't mind:-) There are few places in the world that stir me up like this, but this is definitely one. When you live in the city, surrounded by urban sprawl and smog...well, this just makes up for it. I thank the Lord that we still have little pockets of awesomeness sprinkled through out our world.




Serena said...

Yup, those are manzanita flowers. They're edible, and a good source of Vitamin C!

I have loved hearing about and seeing photos of your trip to Yosemite. Next summer, when I am not so exhaustedly pregnant, I want to take a trip to Yosemite. I don't think I could make it halfway to Vernal Falls right now. But next summer...

Shannon said...

What exquisite pictures in your last few posts! And congratulations on getting all the way to the top. It looks like you had a perfectly splendid to trip to Yosemite -- it's hard to believe that such natural beauty actually exists. God truly is the greatest artist!

Thank you so much for sharing pictures!

Yours in Christ,