Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Precious Baby-scented Curls

There isn't anything sweeter than the slightly hot, sweet scent of a baby with fluffy curls. Even after chasing Liam from one end of the room to the other and snatching him from the same "no-no" location about a hundred times in 10 minutes...I find him to be the most adorable, loving boy ever!

Look at those curls!

Such fluffy, snuggly goodness! Such a wealth of comfort when nuzzled up against my cheek!

I know...these aren't the greatest shots of his face(and he is a cutie!), but I thought the curls were so very sweetly dashing:-D Thanks for letting a momma gloat on her dear boy!

"I kiss you and kiss you,

With arms round my own,

Ah, how shall I miss you,

When, dear, you have grown."

~William Butler Yeats




Mamselle Duroc said...

Positively darling!


Simply Heart And Home said...


What beautiful curls! I love the smell of freshly washed baby! :)

** I sent you off an email.


Lauren Christine said...

Precious, precious. Sniff.

Heather said...

Hello Sommer! I found your site through Lauren's, and enjoyed my visit here. Baby curls are truly precious. :) Blessings ~ Heather

emme said...

Oh, what a sweet little boy!


Maiden of the King said...

What a darling! Enjoy those baby curls!

Yours in Christ,