Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Little Note To My Readers

My dearest friends and readers, I wanted to stop by and just say thank you for all your comments and sweet words! I don't often get a chance to return the comments in my comment section, but I do feel ever so grateful for all of you.
It is so encouraging and uplifting to read your words of kindness. Thank you so much!
I pray that each of you have a wonderful weekend and Lord's Day!


Simply Heart And Home said...


Reading your blog is always a joy.

Have a blessed weekend.



fairmaiden said...

Yes those curls on lil Liam's sweet head are yummy. I remember the scent from my own babes. My youngest daughter, Songbird, had the most beautiful blonde curls and the biggest ocean blue eyes. I am already in that 'missing' season, because they have all grown. But Bella's puppy scent is helping!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Hi Sommer!
It's so nice to find you again!
I took a break, as I said on Jenny's blog, but I just had to come back. Writing for me was always such a huge part of who I was and my need to express and create, so here I am again!
Your sweet children have grown even sweeter and I love your little poetry corner on the sidebar.
Have a wonderful weekend! I am going to a little bluegrass festival today and I loved that youtube video of the West Girls! Oh, how I miss Jewels...
and you!
p.s. you can find me at