Monday, May 3, 2010

Celebrating Mothers-Great Grandmothers

Today we are celebrating Great Grandmothers! If you plan on joining in head over HERE to post your link so we can all enjoy your post:-) I think this will be fun!

Honestly, this might be my hardest to do. I only ever met one of my great grandmothers(at least in my memory..though one I met as an infant) and so my memories are limited. But I thought I'd at least introduce the two I best know of :-)


Emmalina is my maternal grandfather's mother. I didn't know her very well but have heard she was an interesting woman. This picture above, she is in her late teens I believe. I know she was engaged a couple of times and was very much an independent woman for the time. I think she might have been a poster child for the '20s! I remember visiting my grandparent's home and I was allowed to look at the jewelry that was kept in the guest room. Most of it was hers...long dangling necklaces and screw/clamp earrings! Lovely :-) My grandfather had a twin, but he died in infancy and so he was raised an only child.
She died when I was not even 8 and so I really don't have many memories with her, but I knew her as Grammy and my mom called her Gram. She was definitely not your cuddly great grandma, but she was a fascinating woman for certain. When I graduated from high school my grandparents gave me the cameo you see her wearing in this picture...I love it! And I love that I have a picture of her wearing it :-)


Pearl is my paternal grandfather's mother. Sadly, I never really met her, but I have heard many loving stories of her. Apparently she adored my grandpa(he also had a sister) and my dad and she gladly came to be with my mom for two weeks after I was born. She was a very lovely woman and she loved to talk and tell stories. Often when I would be slow at the dinner table, I was told to be as slow as Grandma Pearl.
This picture is of Grandma Pearl and her husband Ed on their wedding day. I absolutely love this picture of her.
Of all my greats, I wish I could have known her growing up. She seemed to be just my kind of lady.

Both of these women mean something to me. Not because they were influential in my personal growing up and life, but because they were in the lives of my parents. My Grammy(Emmalina) was hard, but gave my mom what she needed growing up. She encouraged her reading and independent spirit. My mom has often talked about her with some affection(though Grammy wasn't very affectionate). My Grandma Pearl adored my Grandpa(her son) and loved my dad. She encouraged and showed her love in many ways. Again, she too gave my mom something she needed and for that I will always be grateful. Their love and influence has given me a chance to know two women that I might otherwise have never known about. Had they been distant or uninterested in their children and grand children's lives, they wouldn't have cared to share them with me.

I hope that I can be a great grandma that is remembered with some affection and that makes an impression on the lives of family.



Keri said...

I love the picture of Pearl too! It's interesting to step back and think of how you would be remembered and what kind of legacy you might leave to your children and grandchildren and beyond. For me, you post made me think about how I might mother my child-to-be and how I would like her to remember me.

Thought-provoking post, Sommer!

Keri said...

Oh, and just to clarify - you can honor any woman in your family at any point this week. You don't have to follow my lead. Thanks for joining in!

Sarah Jane said...

What a lovely and beautiful post about your great grandmothers! I had the blessing of knowing three of my great grandmothers (the other died long before I was born) and have very precious memories of all three of them. Great Grandma Marg made beautiful, dainty tiny little things for my first doll house. . .bitty little quilts, curtains and pillows and rugs. Great Grandma Etta ("Maw-Maw") created beautiful beaded items and taught me how to chain stitch crochet. My last Great Grandmother to pass, Grandma Daisy, died 7 years ago and Oh! I do miss her. We exchanged letters the last years she lived in a nursing home and I still have some of her witty, insightful and helpful epistles full of practical information and advice for cookign, gardening and housekeeping. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of them or I would love to join in this posting theme as well. :(

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Yes, I did receive your *wonderful* letter and hope to get a reply dispatched this week. :) Things have been crazy busy around here so I apologize for not replying before!

Sommer said...

What lovely great grandmas you had my dear! I don't think you have to share photos, just your thoughts and memories if you want. The pictures are nice, but not necessary. I have very few pictures of my greats or my grandparents, but those I do have I cherish.
I'm so glad to know that you received my letter! I totally understand the busyness and I will look forward to your letter when ever you are able to send it! Always lovely to look for!

Lots of love,