Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great Idea for Honoring Mom!

Keri over at Quaint and Quirky has a splendid idea! She plans on hosting a "Celebrating Mom" week next week and I'd love to invite you to join in. Pop on over to her blog, HERE and read the details. I know I will enjoy participating...will you join us?



Keri said...

Thank you, Sommer! I hope it will be fun!

Miss Jen said...

SO nice! :)

Mia said...

What a wonderful idea!!

ps) I'd love for you to stop by my blog!!

Sommer said...

Keri~You're very welcome my dear :-) I'm looking forward to it!

Jen~I do so hope you can join in :-)

Mia~So lovely to meet you! Thanks for coming by :-) I went over to your lovely blog and look forward to spending more time there.

Lots of love,