Friday, April 2, 2010

Reflections on Him

Today is Good Friday. I find myself reflecting on the amazing love Christ showed to me so very long ago and find it hard to imagine. I am such a great sinner...I am not deserving of His Grace...yet He has given it freely to me! Thank you Lord!

The beauty of Good Friday is that three days hence He rose again! And we have hope like none other because of Christ's great sacrifice. If Christ had not died upon the cross and then been raised up again...we would be with out hope and what a sad thing that would be.

May you remember what has been done for you. May you remember that He is already victorious and He is our King!

Many Blessings this Good Friday and Easter Sunday to my dear friends!

1 comment:

Miss Jen said...

Beautiful post, dear
Sommer! Oh~ what a wonderful
Savior we have in Jesus!!! ;)

Love in Him~ Miss Jen