Thursday, May 6, 2010

Celebrating Mothers-My Mom

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Today, I'm focusing on the most important woman in my Mom :-)

My Mom was raised in a small town called Sutter Creek, the eldest of three daughters. But honestly, what makes my Mom special isn't where she was raised or who she was raised by...but that she was the mother that raised me and my brother and that she did so with faith and strength.

My Mom is a great mom. Her love for her family is amazing. I have never doubted that she loved me or that she would be there for me in my time of need. No matter what, she has been there.

Let me share a few of my most treasured I think that will speak best to who she is and what our relationship is like.

I remember walking with my brother to a relatively new school for us. Usually we walked to and from together but for some reason he didn't come home with me one day. Perhaps he was with a friend..I don't really remember. What I do remember is heading home in the direction I remembered. For the most part, my little trek home was going well...until I hit a point where I wasn't sure if I turned on one street or another. I kept walking back and forth trying to remember which street was the right one. Eventually, I sat down in despair unable to figure it out. I was SURE I was lost and I'd never be found. But what do you know? I looked up and there was my Mom coming down the street looking for me. What a relief! She was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! That set for me a view of my Mom that has never matter what, my Mom would be there. She has always stood by me and supported me, loving me. Some how, that moment sealed a bond.

(My favorite picture of my Mom!)

I remember every morning before school my Mom praying for me. I don't think she ever missed a day. She new the power of prayer and offered it to me as a beautiful gift. It is so comforting to know your mother is praying for you.

She taught me that you couldn't separate your faith from your life. My beliefs weren't just for Sunday or only relegated to was for all aspects of my life. I carry that to this day, knowing that every decision I make needs to be weighed against what the Word of God says.

I consider my Mom to be one of the strongest women I know. I don't think she feels that way...but I know she is. She has had some big challenges in her life that a weaker woman would have crumbled under. I pray that God will give me half her strength to get through the hard times.

My Mom and I have been "bosom friends" for many years and I am so thankful for that. Not every mother and daughter are so fortunate to be family AND girlfriends...but I am most fortunate indeed! I thank God often for that blessing and I pray that I will have as close a friendship with my own children.

My Mom...great words with so much meaning. Wife, mother,grandmother, friend...strong, loving, passionate...gentle, faithful, Mom, my Friend, my Sister in Christ.

I love you Mom!


Keri said...

Great post, Sommer! (Sorry, just catching up!) Your mom sounds like a wonderful person. I like that she prayed for you every day before school.

So was she following you to school, but you just didn't know it, or did she feel something was wrong? It's a sweet story!

Sommer said...

Thanks Keri :-)

Actually, this was after school and I must have been longer than she was she just started out to see if she would come across me on my way home. I'm so thankful the Lord prompted her to come.

It is one of those memories that will always stay with me :-)

Lots of love,