Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Lovely Rainy Saturday

The weather has been gradually changing for Fall the last couple of weeks and I've been loving it. This morning I woke to a lovely scent of rain on the grass and of my favorite scents! I suppose that sounds strange, but I just love the way it tells me Fall is really here:-)

Things have been going along fine here and we are bustling along through school. Next week is our first little break of the year. I schedule things so that we generally have 6 weeks on, 1 week off(two during Christmas)...this way none of us just burn out. I did this last year, and it worked fairly well.

As you may have noticed, I have been absent again from blogging. Well, I will explain:-) Normally I take the time during Liam's nap to write or sometimes in the evening before bed. Well, lately I've been napping during Liam's nap and just trying to relax in the blogging just hasn't happened. Why? Are you sick you may ask...Well, I have been...with morning sickness(okay...really all day sickness)...yes, you heard right:-)

We are expecting our 4th blessing! It was not planned, but not
not planned either..does that make sense? We were hubby actually asked if the test was right:-D I am so very happy. I am almost through my 1st trimester and I am beginning to feel better. Yesterday was a rough day, today, not so bad.

About the only thing that concerns me with this pregnancy is that it will be my 4th c-section and we still live in a 2 bedroom apartment...getting a little tight. But, I've already been blessed by a sister at church with a bunk bed for the girls(Praise God!!!) and we will put Liam in with them for a time in a toddler bed(Brenna's). So, although I am a little stressed, I can already see God's provision for us. If you have any ideas for making a small space work with multiple children..let me know in the comments:-) I'd love to hear from you all!

Well, soon I will need to get lunch ready, so off I go...but see you soon:-)



Mamselle Clare Duroc said...

Oh, Sommer, congratulations!! I'm so excited for you! I'll keep you and the new little one in my prayers. God bless!


Serena said...

Oh, Sommer, congratulations!!! After your most recent comment on my blog, when you mentioned that Liam is almost 2, I thought to myself, "Hm, I wonder if Sommer might be expecting..." I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see what you and your husband name this little one--you're so very good at choosing names! ;) Now, we really must get together sometime so that we can ooh and aah over each other's little ones!

Lauren Christine said...

Happy, happy day! Congratulations!!! :) I am SO happy for you!!! May the Lord bless you and your new little one!

Tilly said...

:-D nak...I'll email you soon though! :-D

Shannon said...

Sommer, I'm so happy for you! What wonderful news! I'm glad that your sickness is starting to wear off. May the Lord bless you during your pregnancy, and help you to arrange your household for the new little one!

Yours in Christ,

Sarah Jane said...

Many, many congratulations on your wonderful little blessing! I am so thrilled and excited for you!!!!!! What a wonderful gift!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Dear Sommer,

Forgive me for just reading this now. I'm still recuperating from last weekend with my son's visit from college.

Congratulations! How exciting! 4 is a wonderful number! :)

I will be praying for you to feel better very soon and to get plenty of rest. When is the little one due?


Shannon said...

Sommer, I tagged you on my blog! Please stop by if you'd like to participate!

Yours in Christ,

Kelly said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Sommer!!!!! What a tremendous blessing! (By the way - I so love that you have a son named Liam, it's one of my favorites!) Rest up and enjoy any down time that you can. I had that all day long sickness, too, blech. It's so not fun.

P.S. Rainy days do smell heavenly. :o) Have a lovely week, mama!