Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Week In Feminine Dress-Day 1

I'm on a lovely sewing forum, Sense and Sensibility, and several times a year the ladies there organize a week in feminine dress. Of course, this mostly consists of dress/skirt wearing and showing that we can dress this way while going about our daily lives. I decided to try to join in this time, but I can't promise I'll be consistent posting:-) I will try to through out the week though.

For today, we went to church and I almost always wear skirts or a dress. Today I am wearing an old stand by that I've worn with just about every pregnancy. It is a black nylon like skirt that I bought back when I was pregnant with Fiona. It has served me well:-) It can also be worn pre- and post- baby! My top is a lovely salmon colored sweater with knit or crochet(not sure which) lace trimming the sleeves and hem. It is very comfortable. My shoes were some lovely vintage-like heels and black tights:-)

My sweet daughters also agreed to let me take their pictures:-) Who can resist the camera? Brenna(on the left) is wearing a denim dress with little flowers all over it(I love the puff sleeves too and it was a hand me down..gotta love that!) and some bloomers from Naartjie. Brenna just turned 6 years old today too...and was very happy to get dressed up:-)

Fiona(on the right) is wearing a lovely dress that she was given by my MIL. This dress was once worn by her auntie in the 80's. It is a sheer white dress with blue flowers all over and a white under slip/petticoat . I always think she looks like a little princess:-)

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope to post these through out the week. I have another doctor appointment this week and I am just entering my 2nd trimester. It is starting to be the time when I dig out the maternity clothes and seeing what I can wear:-) Can't wait!

Hoping you are all having a blessed Lord's Day!


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Simply Heart And Home said...


All you girls look so sweet. I love the dresses and bloomers. Aren't skirts comfortable! Salmon is a nice color on you.