Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress-Day 4

Well, I missed Monday and Tuesday's WIFD...but I'm here today:-) I apologize for the very out of focus picture. My dear little Brenna took the pic and it just didn't come out quite like we wanted. Oh well:-)

Today is pretty much a stay at home day. We've been doing lessons(which are just about finished), and I will be doing some ever present decluttering, dishes and laundry(fold and wash). So today I donned a black t-shirt that I bought from Target a while back and a tiered burgandy skirt. The tiers have three different fabrics and it is one my parents bought for me way back...I love it! I also have been wearing a cardigan throughout the day as it is a tad chilly today. I was hoping my socks and sandals would be missed...but alas, Brenna seemed to think that they needed to be included:-o

Hopefully, I will participate for the rest of the week...but no promises! Have a lovely day!



Sarah Jane said...

Oooh, I love tiered skirts! And cardigans. Fall is my favorite time of year!

Simply Heart And Home said...

You look so beautiful! I love your skirt.

Forgive me for my lack of visiting. This has been an especially trying week. I am just popping in now and I will be back tomorrow.



Shannon said...

I *love* your skirt! It is so beautiful and feminine, and it looks comfy, as well :-) Thank you for sharing your outfit!

Yours in Christ,