Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Colonial Re-furbish

Three years ago my eldest daughter attended kindergarten at a small Christian school. At the end of the year they held a program in which the children were to be dressed in colonial type costumes. We didn't have one of those laying about;-) so it gave me the perfect opportunity to pull out my sewing machine and refresh my clothes making skills.

I used Simplicity 5042 view D. My daughter picked out the fabric(red sprays of flowers over a cream background) and we went to it. I also made a mob cap and bloomers from a different pattern. When I was done it was a bit big in the bodice for her, but I was able to take up a very deep hem allowing for her growth.

Well, my has she grown! I realized a few weeks ago while mending some holes where the seams came apart at waste and bodice, that she was too tall for the current length of dress. So I unhemmed the dress and let it all out...I found that I could only take it back up about an inch and a half for it to fit her. There was a good 8 inches of fabric left to use!

You can't even see the bloomers now that the length is out, but the dress should fit her for sometime to come:-) I did have some eyelet trim at the hem originally...but it came up too short when the new length was hemmed..urgh!

She has always loved this dress, so I am glad that I could salvage it a little longer. She now fills the bodice out fairly well and she looks so big in it now! When I originally made it, I made a couple of little mistakes, but thankfully only I notice or those who are snoopy enough to analyze my work;-)

Now that I have this project out of the way, I plan to dive in and make some t-shirt dresses for the girls. Fabric is bought, washed and some ironed...just got to get started:-)




Sarah Jane said...

I am so glad you could salvage the dress. It is so pretty! Red and cream is one of my favorite color combinations. A lovely dress!

Lauren Christine said...

It's TOO cute! :) I just love the style- perfect for a sweet little girl!

Shannon said...

How precious! I love the fabric that you used, and the eyelet trim is really adorable. Brenna would look sweet in anything, but especially in this dress! :-)

Yours in Christ,

Simply Heart And Home said...


The dress is lovely and so is your daughter. You did a wonderful job sewing that treasured outfit! I can not sew to save my life.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Tilly said...

Oh what a lovely young lady! The dress is so sweet...thank you for sharing the pictures! Best of luck with the t-shirt share pictures when they're finished!
~Tilly (reply letter in the mail tomorrow!)