Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finding The Silver Lining

We've made it through the summer with few boo boos or traumas. What a blessing! But of course as the summer comes to an end there must be some excitement, right? Of course!

My sweet Brenna slept over at my parents Thursday night and Friday my Dad took her to a park a ways up the hill. Apparently, Brenna was being accosted by flies..she HATES flies...and she was desperately trying to escape them. I can just imagine the scene...I've seen how she reacts before and really if it wasn't so traumatizing for her, it would be rather amusing. Anyhow, as I was told, she was spinning about, waving at the flies and trying to get away from them when she apparently fell of the edge of the path and landed smack dab in the middle of a bramble bush. Ouch!!! She was promptly removed by my dear Dad and was quite distressed. She has scrapes across her right arm and hand, a little on her left arm, badly scraped on her ankle and one rather distressing scrape on her face. She looks like she has seen battle. Of course, this is not the end...oh no! My Dad took her to the car so that they could get her home and properly care for her wounds. The car was a touch hot and she was of course a bit stressed. But to make matters worse...they had to head back down the hill they come up in the was rather windy. I'm sure you might guess where this is heading? Oh yes, she did...she threw up all down her front...sigh...poor girl.

But she is home and she is very chipper and really no worse for it...other than that I will probably have to explain to folks at church what happened to the poor dear. But you may be wondering where the silver lining is? I talked to my Mom this morning and she informed me of an amusing comment my dear, sweet Brenna made while coming back from this incident yesterday.

She said"Well Bampa, one good thing about my throwing up washed away the blood."

Now how is that for making something good out of an unpleasant situation?! I wish I could be so optimistic:-)

She is a trooper and a very good patient..I am blessed!



Serena said...

Oh, my! What a trooper!

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your poor dear sweetheart. I'm so sorry she had a rough time. She is one to look for the silver lining though! :)

I'm sorry to say that I've had to delete my facebook at least for now. I've been having issues with extended family on there and I can't really deal with them right now. I apologize for not being much of a facebook friend. At least we can still be blog friends.