Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my eldest daughter's birthday! Fiona turned 8 years old! The years have gone by all too quickly since this darling girl came into the world. She came into the world after many hours of labor, 1 hour of pushing and then a C-section. I can't say my recovery was easy or that I could even see her clearly the first day or two, but I loved that little girl from the get go:-) She was beautiful and healthy...I never expected to have such a big girl at 8lbs 12 oz., but I did. With all that went wrong during this labor, I was blessed with the little girl I wanted. Thank you Lord!

And, now she is a most beautiful girl. Lovely, energetic, happy and bright! She will no doubt breeze past me in math and science sooner than I'd like and her reading skills just make me so proud. She is tall, fun and a joy to have around. There is much that she needs to grow in, but on the whole, I wouldn't change much.

So, yesterday I baked her a cake. She wanted it to be she got chocolate with purple icing and sprinkles:-) As simple as it was, she was very pleased!

She blew out her candles like a pro! I even got her in mid blow! LOL!

And here is the very happy girl, waiting to dig in...come on Mom, let's eat already!

After Dan left for work, we headed over to Toys R Us. Since we had been sick for so long, I had never gotten out to get her a gift. So we went there and I let her pick. She picked two Littlest Pet Shop pets and is very pleased with them. On Saturday(I hope) we will take her and Brenna over to Golfland and play miniature golf. I love playing miniature golf...and she was happy to do this for her birthday. We might get some pizza too...but I'm not sure yet. We also went and had dinner with my parents last night, to celebrate. That was very spur of the moment and fun:-)

Next Friday we will get together with them again to celebrate Liam's 1st birthday and a little more for Fiona. I can't believe how all my baby's are growing up so fast! I need to have more!

Happy Birthday Dear Girl!!!!!! Mommy loves you:-)



Tilly said...

Please pass along a big "Happy Birthday!!" to Fiona from me!! The cake looks just lovely (my favorite color!)...have fun with your family day!

Mrs Lavender said...


Thank you for your sweet comment on my journal. Your comment blessed me.

Happy birthday, Fiona! My daughters used to play with the little pet shop animals too.

Have a lovely Thursday, Sommer.

Lauren Christine said...

Happy Birthday, Fiona!!! :) May she have a blessed year!

Serena said...

Happy Birthday Fiona! (Next thing I know, my Fiona will be eight...)

The cake is lovely! And nice choice of gifts!