Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hittin' the Books

After three weeks of Christmas holiday and a week of nasty coughs, we have gotten back to lessons:-) Yes, it has been four weeks since we cracked a book or added and subtracted.
I had meant to get started again last week, but all three kiddos came down with a really icky cough and then Dan and I got it:-0 I just didn't feel up to dealing with it.
So, now we are all feeling a little bit better and I thought we best get to it yesterday. In some ways, I could tell it had been awhile, but in others things just carried on as usual. Fiona is still reading like a pro and enjoying science and health. Brenna has not forgotten any of her phonics...so we are on the road to reading.
Daddy assumes the role of teaching the Catechism and reading their pleasure book. We have Bible time together as a family too, before he must leave for work. So far the routine works...although Liam likes to cause a large amount of distraction for me:-) I really can't figure out how to get him satisfied in much for long while we try to do some things. I know...he is only 11months old, I can't really expect much, but boy would it be nice if he would like playing with his blocks a little longer!
I have a bit of a sewing list to get to as well. I'm not quite sure when I will make the time , but I will be trying to get to more of it soon and doing it more often:-) My dear friend Tilly gifted me with some great fabrics that I hope to make a dress or two for me out of and other goodies. I will also use some to make the girls some things. Thanks again dear Tilly:-)
Well, it is just about time to put dinner on and Liam is getting a bit fussy, so I will talk a little bit later. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to share some of the fabric I have to work with and what I'd like to make with it...that would be fun:-)
Have a great night everyone!


Mrs Lavender said...


I'm so glad everyone is feeling better. I miss those early homeschooling days. I loved sitting next to the children as they learned to read. Reading aloud is such a precious family time.

Have a blessed evening!

fairmaiden said...

Sommer~ We haven't returned to homeschooling yet either. We will resume next week. I have found that the longer we homeschool(it's been 13 yrs. now) the more relaxed I am. One of the pleasures of homeschooling is that we can be at ease and not follow after the demands of this busy world. Your children are learning daily in the everyday life lessons. They even learn by your having to attend to little Liam's needs. I remember those days when I would put the littlest one in the swing to try and get some 'real' studying done. But I now can look back and realize that they learned more by my tenderness with their siblings and having them all on my lap, wiggles and all, while teaching. So, relax and enjoy mothering, teaching, and loving.

AND...I just love your poem. While I was reading it and couldn't wait to get to the bottom to see who the author was. WOW, I was pleasantly suprised to find it was you. You are a beautiful writer. Being a horse lover myself, I can relate to the emotion it conjures. My baby girl, Grace, dreams of having a horse...someday I do hope we can get her one. She is now 14, but its never too late.

Mrs Lavender said...


My mother had a little music box that played that tune as well. You had to turn the crank while it played. It was so sweet! :)

Have a lovely day!

homespun said...

Hi Sommer, This is Sandy stopping by! Thanks for letting me know about your new blog here! You and your family are lovely. :) It's so good to finally see you. Your poem is wonderful...I could go on and on!! I look forward to visiting you often.

Love you!