Monday, June 21, 2010

My Little Handyman...

A couple of months ago, my brother bought Liam a tool set. Just a kiddie one, but it is fashioned after things you might find in Home Depot(that is actually the brand of toys). He has had fun with it from day one...even sleeping with the tool box :-)

Occasionally he would ask me if he could get his tool and help me fix something. It is so sweet and I do look forward to the day that he can help with those things about the house. For now I just encourage his play!

Today, he was playing with his wagon(it was a car today). After awhile he came and told me that he had crashed and needed to fix the "car". "Mama, I need my tools...can you get me my tools?" I quickly searched them out and brought them to him...he of course got right to work.

As he sat there working, he looked up at me and said, "Mama, I LOVE my tools." And I smiled and thought he will be a very good and handy son. "Yes, you are Mama's good helper!" I think I will need to buy him some real tools as soon as he is able :-)

And of course, I must share one little picture of Rowan. She has grown just enough hair that I can sneak a little pony tail in it! Okay, it isn't much but it is sure cute :-) Fiona says it looks like a joy stick...I think it looks more like a fountain, but still...

As for life...we have just finished up our school year and are taking a little break. I am very ready for it and will enjoy the more relaxed schedule. Of course, I will have to get our school things for this coming year and plan it out, but that can be done throughout the summer.

We are still looking for a home but it has been a long road. I am hoping we will get something soon, but the Lord knows our needs better than we do and so I will continue to rest in His timing.

I will try to include some pictures of the older girls later. They amaze me at their growth and changes and I look forward to seeing more and more of their spirits/personalities appear.

Hoping you all are having a lovely week!



K-tribe said...

Little CUTIES!!!!!!!

Mackenzie said...

Oh, my sweet little Rowan! <3 That little miss quite claimed my heart when I was visiting you. I feel as though I've gained a few nieces and a nephew! I think I miss them almost as much as I miss you dear! Her wee pony tail is so very cute, I love how it sticks back like a little bird. :) Anthony has a little hammer and would love more tools, I'm looking at a set on Amazon for Christmas. However a few rules will have to be put into place because on a recent fixing spree he knocked one of the walls of Jenny's doll house out!! She was devastated and he was so confused why his fixing made her cry. ;)

Sommer said...

Tilly~You are such a sweet, dear friend! I miss you and your wee ones very much. It is wonderful to have you as a friend :-)
Oh, my..poor little Anthony! Poor Jenny too. Liam has opted to only try to "fix" his things or our house things..bookshelves, toilet paper roll holders, etc. I'm sure it will expand to other things..but so far no mishaps ;-)

Love ya my dear!

K-tribe said...

Hey Sommer-
I found this soap I want to try and thought I would pass it along to you too! Send me an email and I can send you the link and article too!!

Kelly K

Simply Heart And Home said...


So sweet! God has blessed you with such precious children!


fairmaiden said...

Your Liam is so cute with his long curls. We did not cut my first born son's hair till he was almost 3 yrs. old. His long blonde locks were too beautiful. I was sad when people began teasing and saying he looked like a girl. And that was the reason we cut his hair. And so I am fond of your Liam with his long locks...keep them as long as your heart desires.

I just want to personally thank you for being with me from nearly the beginning of my blogging days. I just reached 1000 posts and decided to go back and re-read my first months of blogging. I've added a list of my faithful followers on my sidebar, but I have yet to post about it. So thank you dear one.