Friday, June 18, 2010


Liam has been growing by leaps and bounds lately. Actually all my kids have puts new meaning to the saying "time flies" if you ask me :-) Seriously, though, I am glad to see the little signs of maturity here and there in my children. But, as I was saying...Liam is just growing so much!

He is taller, talks more clearly, rides his tricycle like he was Lightening McQueen, is already thinking about being "trained to drive a backhoe and LOTS of machines", and wants to ride and run with his Daddy.

He also has made the leap to "Big Boy" underwear! This has been a long, trying experience for us..but he has finally got it and (except for at night) I have moved him out of diapers. His getting through the night dry is a bit hit and miss so we will try for two weeks of waking up with dry diapers before we try underwear at night..but he is quite excited about that :-)

Tuesday, I took him to Target to pick out his "Big Boy" underwear. Such enthusiasm :-) We came out of there with Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story and Cars underwear. Of course, he had to share with his sisters and showed them all the new duds. He then spread them over the table checking them all out. He told the neighbor girl that he got "big boy underwear today". But lest you think he is all grown up and quite a mature young man....

Within minutes my sweet boy had started putting his underwear on his head...what a silly boy! My girls never did this...but he just couldn't resist :-p Oh and he also started pulling them on over his clothes...kind of super hero like.

So, I guess he isn't growing up too fast ;-)



Lauren Christine said...

Wow!! What a milestone! Congrats! And congrats to the budget, too... I bet its fun to not have to buy so many diapers ;)

Sommer said...

Thanks Lauren :-) Yes, I'm thrilled to be able to save money on those. Now to just get Rowan potty trained! Okay, not for another year I suppose ;-)

Lots of love,

Andi said...

That's great! But my girls are definitely not immune to the urge of putting underwear on their heads. We even have a song about it!

Sommer said...

Hehe! Andi, my girls have also proven folks wrong that think only boys do certain things. My boy is definitely a boy and my girls are definitely girlie...but some of the things my girls just makes me laugh :-)

Miss Jen said...

Awww... you are SO blessed!
Enjoy and savor every moment!!!

Blessings~ Miss Jen
-I Corinthians 10:31-

Sarah Jane said...

Lol, what an ADORABLE picture of Liam with his handsome big-boy underwear on his head. Congratulations to you and to him for this great accomplishment! I am still working with my boys. ..somedays are better than others but no one is totally there yet. :(

Oh! And I hope to get Rowans little dress mailed out by the end of the week. ..along with your letter!

Sommer said...

Thanks Sarah :-) It has been an interesting experience training Liam, but I am glad we are finally on the positive side. We have a little more to learn yet, but over all it is good. And no worries, your little boys will get it sooner than later.

I look forward to seeing the finished dress for Rowan :-) I can't believe you are almost done with it with all the sewing you've been doing for your CW stuff! And I look forward to your letter! Love getting your sweet words in the mail my dear friend :-)

Lots of love,

Simply Heart And Home said...


I can remember those days as if they were yesterday. My son is now 21. Cherish those day! :)