Wednesday, December 16, 2009

8 Months and Projects Completed

Before one knows it...the months slip by and suddenly you have an 8 month old child on your hands. I find it really challenging to let her grow up...though I really have no choice ;-)

So at 8 months Rowan is sitting up fairly solidly and she is making the cutest sounds and bubbles. She also has two teeth! Rowan is still the jolliest baby I have had and goes to sleep quite nicely for me. Now, if she would just sleep through the night!

And in the midst of much Christmas sewing and prep, I have finally finished the above little outfit for Rowan. I will make a confession...this was supposed to be made soon after she was born, it was begun in...July. Yep, I only just finished this last week..sigh..

This is actually three pieces...the bonnet, slip dress and bloomers. I made the dress first (all by hand) with THIS pattern(slip view, with alterations for the shoulder closing). I embroidered some birds on it(I shared about this HERE).

The bloomers and bonnet, I made using THIS pattern(views D & E) and just decided to use my machine. Yup, I was tired of sewing by hand.

I really like the bloomer and bonnet pattern. Very simple and I can still get use out of the largest size I think. I do like the dress pattern but I don't think I'm really ready for heirloom quality is assumed you know more than I apparently know ;-)

I really love the way Rowan looks in this bonnet...and I think she does too:-) There are a lot of ribbons...but I like it that way.

Now, I just need to use the rest of the fabric I bought when I was pregnant...and that I bought after and now see a pattern here? Addiction perhaps? Well, anyhow, I have many things I'd like to make for her and the rest of my darling kids. I certainly have plenty of fabric!

And for good measure...just my jolly little rose-bud! She has really gotten quite strong and she is just the happiest little sweet-pea. Yes, I have quite a few different names for her.

Now that "the" outfit is completed...on to mass Christmas sewing! How many days left?!



Lauren Christine said...

She looks so precious! Great job on the adorable outfit! :)

Sarah Jane said...

Oh Sommer!!! She is just DARLING!! What a cutie pie. And how is it possible that she is 8 months old already?! How can that be? It seems she was just born a few weeks ago, and Malachi just a few months ago. Sigh. Our babies grow up so fast. But they get even more delightful and dear the older they get, I think. :)

The outfit is simply splendid and sweet. So cute and timeless! I love it and she looks so perfect in it. She has the most radiant smile!

Tilly said...

Oh what a sweet girly! You did an amazing job on the outfit...I'm so impressed that you did the dress by hand!! And what a lovely blanket she has to play on ;)

Sommer said...

Thank you ladies!

It was such a relief to complete the outfit and now I just want to sew more!

Sarah~I know, it feels like I was just reading about Malachi's birth and that I just brought home a wee new girlie! I miss the little infant moments already..but now I enjoy her sweet personality she has grown into!

Tilly~Thanks so much dearie! I really do love to sew by hand, but it can certainly take a lot longer sometimes. And I so very much love that blanket for playtime. Just the right size and so pretty :-)

Lots of love,

Mama Hen said...

I need a spoon because I could eat her up! She is just precious!

Persuaded said...

What an absolutely delicious little darling she is! oooooooo my goodness♥

The outfit is precious as well, and for what it's worth, i never got any sewing done during any of my children's infancies. There was just altogether too much cuddling to be done, dontchaknow;)