Friday, February 13, 2009

Toddler Beds and Migraines

Over last weekend I decided it was time to move my Little Man into a toddler bed. But, instead of just "kicking" him out of our room, I'd convert the crib temporarily into a toddler bed. I figured it might be an easier transition for him, if he knew Mom and Dad were right there still for a bit.

So, I asked him if he wanted to be in a "big boy" bed and if he wanted to use his new Thomas sheets. He gave me a very excited "yeth!" and took the package of bedding off to our room. He watched impatiently as I converted his crib and tried to help me screw in the bolts. That was especially cute:-)

Once I finished, I invited him to get on the bed and try it out. I don't really think he needed much prompting...he was so very excited:-) He climbed on and off and on again several times. He laid down...

And got back up again. He said hello to Thomas, Percy and James and I think he explored his new bed for a good 30 minutes afterward.

He took his nap...without any issues and he even went to bed that night with out a peep! Since then, he has occasionally climbed off, but pretty much he has gone to sleep with little trouble. He has fallen out of bed 3 times, but I always am right there to reassure him and he goes right back to sleep.

What a big boy he is now! I will be keeping him in with us for a little longer yet and then, when we get and put up the bunk for the girls, he will move in to their room and begin using Brenna's toddler bed(which she is just about to tall for now!). I think he will make the transition well and we will then be ready to welcome our little girlie to the home:-)

In other news....we have gotten a tentative diagnosis of migraines for our Miss Brenna. It really came as a surprise for us. Last Friday she informed me(in tears) that she'd been noticing a strange red, blinking spot in her right eye. I couldn't see it she said, but it was there and it was annoying her. I told her that we would get her an appointment with a vision doctor figuring maybe she needed glasses(which she still may). On Monday, we started school as usual and by 9am she began to complain about a headache. She had done so here and there over the year but nothing had ever come of it. I told her to let me know how she was feeling and we continued with school. At about 11:30am she decided she'd had enough being up and laid down on the couch holding her head. Obviously, I was concerned,but wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

I decided I'd better call a pediatrician instead of an eye doctor and got on it right away. Thankfully they were able to see her the next day. But before the day was over, my dear girl had pretty much slept or rested the day away and had thrown up twice! I did give her pain meds twice, but it seemed the headache was just too bad to be cured by the meds.

She felt fine the next day. I took her in and my suspicions were confirmed as the doctor listened to the symptoms and such. Yes, she was certain that Brenna had migraines.

We are still going to do a vision check and perhaps eventually see a neurologist if needed, but for now, she has me doing a headache diary when ever she gets a headache. Hopefully, we will be able to find a pattern to what may be triggering them and then maybe we will be able to help her control them better.

As I do my research, I find myself nodding at the symptoms I read about and realizing that Brenna has definitely had many of these from time to time. It breaks my heart to think she may suffer with these throughout her life, but hopefully we will be able to help her.

My week has been busy with worry and excitement this week, but I am so thankful for my children and for the opportunity to show them love as I care for them.

Well, I must be off to do a little mending and I hope this weekend will be a little more relaxing!



Serena said...

Liam is so cute! It sounds like he'll take the transition smoothly!

I'm sorry about Brenna's migraines. Poor baby! I'll be praying that you're able to pinpoint the triggers quickly.

Mackenzie said...

Your Liam is so cute!!

Please hug Miss Brenna for me...I know migraines can be so hard! I get them whenever I eat/drink things with certain artificial sweeteners. I can't go near those Crystal Light drinks!! Perhaps it will be something simple to eliminate like that and she will be back to her usual self again!

Happy St. Valentine's Day!!

Tracylea said...

Sommer, thank you for the really cute pictures. Travis also has migrains like Brenna. As he has gotten older he is better at letting me know they are starting. I will pray for Breanna and for healing.

Yours, Tracylea

Sarah Jane said...

I will be praying for Brenna. What a hard thing for her to have to go through but thankfully you now have a diagnosis and hopefully she will have them less and less as she gets older. May the Lord touch and heal her.

Liam looks adorable in his toddler bed! I think he has the same one that little David has! :) He moved into his toddler bed just before Malachi was born since he learned how to climb out of his crib. Which was handy, since now we have his old crib we can use for the baby!

Susan said...

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