Monday, February 2, 2009

My Little Man Turns Two!

Yesterday was Liam's 2nd birthday...wahhh! The time has steadily sped by and he has changed so much since that first day I held him. There is something so special about having a little man child that just makes you want to cherish all the sweet kisses and requests for hugs. As he holds my face between his sweet chubby hands, I darling:-)

We actually celebrated his birthday with my parents the same day as Fiona's little party, so this was a more special family day of simple pleasures. We started out with him opening his remaining gifts...a Toby and Thomas train set and James train. He is happily showing me James above there:-)

As you can see he LOVES his trains. He was sitting with(and often in)his track for most of the morning. He also wanted to sleep with Toby in his bed...LOVES Toby the best I think:-) I went ahead and let him sleep with can you resist sweetly twinkling eyes?!

I also made him a train cake. I am no cake expert, but I was pleased with how it turned out. Liam requested one that was red like, here is my version:

James' tender and smoke were made with crushed cookies, the wheels and window with little jimmies and his red "coat" I used pink icing(I did
try to make it such luck) and red sugar sprinkles. Knowing my children are happy with my creations makes it totally worth while:-)

And one last thought...a very happy, satisfied birthday boy:-)

Happy Birthday Little Liam!!!!!

Love from your Momma:-)


Simply Heart And Home said...


What a cutie pie he is! I love his smile!!!

Happy Birthday little Liam.

My son loved Thomas trains and such. I still have them. :) I'm saving them "just in case I have a grandson"!!

Have a lovely day, dear Sommer.


Zebu said...

Ooooooooo, Amen, amen, and amen to the first paragraph of your post. My most recent post was in reminiscent memories of my own man child--now grown to a man and soon to leave mama's nest. I relate with you 100%, Sommer; they steal your heart from the very first.

What a special little guy--thank you for sharing. :)

Blessings to you.

Lady Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Sarah Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Liam!! He is so cute. What a smile he has! The train cake is adorable and I too think red is a perfect train color. :)

PatinTenn said...

I can not believe that it has been 2 years !!!

We have been friends for just about the whole 2 years.....I am thankful.

He is growing up and looking so sweet.

Give him a big hug from me.

Love to you all,