Friday, February 20, 2009

Kleenex and Blessings

Perhaps this seems a strange post title, but it is what I'm thinking on today.

Last week we dealt with migraines, this week we've been battling colds and ear infections. First, I started out with a sore throat on Friday of last week and felt pretty miserable, then Brenna complained of sniffles and the like. Then Fiona! Now a day or so ago, Liam, started tugging at his cute little ear and crying and asking for Mama to kiss it:-( At first I wasn't sure what it was(none of my children have had problems with ear infections but once...when Fiona was a baby(8 years ago).) But I decided I better have him looked at after a night of difficult sleep. Sure enough...he has a mild ear infection and so now he is on antibiotics(he hates the flavor of course!). Now, this morning he is stuffed up and I hate to see the poor guy suffer so.

All this being said, you may wonder what I see in this as a blessing?! I understand the question. Seriously, this is the most sick any of us has been this winter I believe and really it is no fun in the sense of being sick, but....up until January we had no insurance! For about 2 years I would stress every time some one came down with something. Would they need medical care? Or, is this something we can handle at home?

Praise God, He saved this ear infection and Brenna's migraine concern until AFTER we got back on to some insurance! I am very blessed simply because of this. He provides in ways I often don't expect and I just wanted to acknowledge that even in the midst of mountains of Kleenex, and nasty antibiotics there ARE blessings to be seen!

Thank you Lord for giving me another opportunity to praise your name!!!



Simply Heart And Home said...


Praise the Lord for insurance! I do hope the children get better soon. And you stay well!


Zebu said...

A wonderful post, Sommer. Thank you for sharing your trials, blessings, and thankful heart. :)

Sarah Jane said...

It is so encouraging and wonderful to see how the Lord provides, often just in time. I will be praying you all feel better soon.