Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's March...

I've amazingly missed a whole month. I just didn't have much to say.

In the last month and a half or so....my eldest daughter turned 10, my little man turned 3 and life just bustles on. Where has the time gone?

We also have found that the home we put an offer on and have been patiently waiting on(this was a horrible shortsale), is not the home the Lord wants us in. The second bank on the seller's side wanted a large amount of money more...and well, we can't do that! So, back to the drawing board we go. When you pray..God answers...even if not the way you had hoped.

This is also my 300th post! And I was going to do a give away...but I can't after all. So I just want to say thanks to those that have read my intermittent posts. I appreciate all of you and have been very blessed by the friendships I've made :-)

As always, I hope to post more often, but can't promise;-) Life just flows along and sometimes I just don't know how to put it in words. But, I do so love writing here and will continue even if sporadically.

And just because you all are so patient with me and maybe you want to see the latest pic of my sweet girlie...the pic above is of Miss Rowan at 10 months. She is still such a joy and lives up to her middle name's meaning(Meara)..."mirthful". She is one of the most jolly little ladies I know :-)

I pray you all have a fabulous week!



Lauren Christine said...

She is gorgeous! And so big!! Time flies...

Sarah Jane said...

It is so lovely to hear from you again! I am sorry the house you have been waiting on did not work out - but am so thankful that the Lord showed you that He has something else in store for you before anything permanent happened! I am praying that He will guide you anew to a wonderful home. Spring would be a lovely time to move and settle anew. :)

P.S. A while ago you mentioned corresponding, but I do not know if you ever received my email in reply? (We had some computer difficulties last month). Anyway, I'd LOVE to be "pen pals" if you are still able/desirous to. :) If not, I will enjoy your posts when you have time to do so on your blog. God Bless you! Rowan is getting so big and she is SUCH a sweet and cheerful looking little girl!

~ Shannon said...


Your blog posts are always encouraging and restful! I enjoy each and every one -- and a little wait between posts just makes me savor them more! :-) Thank you for making such sweet little haven for us to visit in this crazy world!

I'm so sorry to hear about the house -- we're in the process of looking, too, and are finding this market a bit frustrating (what happened to that buyer's market again? ;-). I pray that the Lord will lead you on to something better -- as I know He will!

Love and Blessings,

PS -- Miss Rowan is absolutely precious! What a darling!

Sommer said...

Shannon~Thanks so much for your encouraging words! They really mean a lot to me.

Ladies~Thank you for your prayers also on the house. It has been tough, but I look forward to seeing God's plan for us :-)

Blessings friends!

Simply Heart And Home said...

So happy to see your blog posts. I have missed you!

I love Rowan's name. :)