Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Program and Such

I've been very busy working on Christmas gifts and hope to finish a couple tonight. I finished Liam's gifts last week and I will take some pics and share tonight I hope. I've been working on some doll dresses for the girls and I believe I will finish them tonight(or at least up to the closures). I still have one more gift for each of the girls to work on though. It has been such fun!

I thought I'd share our decorations for our little place today. Above you see what is beside our front door. I cleared my fall decor and put up some pretty evergreen/holly faux plants in a vase and set out my snowmen. My favorite is a little blue and white one to the left in front. Sorry you can't see it very well. This old treadle machine and cabinet make for a perfect display piece:-)

Here I decided to share where I placed our stockings. They are a bit high for the kids to reach when they have goodies in them, but I told them we'd get them down Christmas morning. This particular wall area was so bare and the nativity scene looked so lonely. I've had this particular nativity scene since we were married and I really enjoy its rustic look. I also have a garland around the area with a good smelling Christmas candle and a snow globe that belongs to one of the girls. I'm really enjoying looking around my house right now and I feel very much at peace this Christmas.

One of the things I like doing during the month of December is looking at Christmas lights on the streets of our neighborhood and other areas as we drive about. I often finish my errands as the night falls and lights come on and it is so beautiful:-) One of our simple ways of celebrating. Last week we also took a trip to downtown and looked at Christmas in the Park. I believe I mentioned this last year, but it is something I've been doing since I was a girl and we try to continue the tradition with our family. It is fun, pretty and relatively inexpensive.

Sunday our church put on their annual Christmas Program. I usually sing with the choir but I didn't return this year because of the time and lack of car at that hour. Brenna decided she didn't want to join in either and so only our Fiona participated. She sang about three songs with her Sunday School choir and then was an angel for our nativity scene(done to music). It was lovely and I was so proud of her. Here she is waiting for practice to be over and the show to start. Cutie pie!

So what are you doing to celebrate Christmas?



Mary said...

I love seeing children in Christmas performances. Their innocence somehow enhances the Christmas story.
We are going to our oldest son's house for New Year's day and all the family in this area will be there. It had originally been planned for Christmas day but my oldest daughter Debbie's, daughter Amy is expecting her baby on Dec. 20th. (yes I know that today is the 21st, but she hasn't had it yet :-). My daughter has promised to help her for the first 5 days.( Amy and her husband also have a 2 year old.) So Christmas dinner has now become New Year's dinner in hopes that they all will be able to come.
On Christmas eve our church will have 3 services and then Christmas day we will spend quietly at home. I have been feeling especially Christmasy this year which somehow is harder to experience when all of our children are grown and married.

Love your blog,



Serena said...

I love the stockings you made!