Friday, April 29, 2011

The Sun is Out

So spring has arrived. Every where I look, new life is popping up. Trees have unfurled new leaves, flowers have bloomed in the fields, birds are chirping and flitting about..eggs hidden in little nests yet to be seen.

In some areas, there has been snow still recently seen. Here we have had cool temperatures and winds that blast my tree's new leaves about. But, it is still spring!

I planted my first ever garden at the beginning of April and already we have begun to see green life shoot up. How exciting it has been for us. Watching creation is a beautiful reminder of God and His glory. I can't possibly look out on my yard or at the birds flying about and not understand that God has put all of this into motion. My skill as a gardener has nothing to do with it, the bird relies upon the instincts God has given him...and we see His glory!

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:" ~Romans 1:20 (KJV)

So much new has happened in our lives since last summer and yet, life is much the same. The thing that changes is how I respond to it. There is more space and an opportunity to give more to our children now, but yet, I can still miss this if my attitude is the same as it was in our little apartment. I struggle with properly using the blessings God has given me. I know what needs changing, now it is time to do it.

Thank you to those that have prayed for my Mom. She is doing a bit better. She has gained back some of the weight she lost after her first chemo treatment and hopefully she will be able to start treatment again soon. I'm not sure whether that is the best thing, but they want to keep at it. So I will be praying that she will not respond so badly the next time. She is still struggling with some other issues but again, she is better. Please keep her in your prayers if you feel so led. She still needs them.

I have been spending one afternoon a week with her while my Dad goes and runs errands or just gets some time to himself. Some days, I'm not really in the mood to do this. It is the only full day my husband has off and I miss spending that time with him and the kids. Some times my attitude(usually kept inside) stinks. Sometimes I feel very selfish and cranky. But on reflection afterward, I am so thankful that I take this time for my parents. It has blessed me greatly to help. And so, each Wednesday afternoon I set my heart on the right things and try to be a servant to my parents. When I do this, I feel at peace and I am able to come home refreshed knowing I lifted a little of my parents' burden.

Life is full. God is Awesome.

Blessings to you all my friends!


Anonymous said...

Was wondering how you were doing. So glad you wrote.


Anonymous said...

~*Cheers*~... I absolutely love gardens, and planting, and growing...

Mama Hen said...

Thank you for checking in on me! We are doing well. But so many people aren't here.

I really like your new background.

Kara said...

I love that Romans verse...and it reminds me to look for Him in did this post.
Thank you!

dompes said...

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