Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Few Current Pictures...

My dear friend, Pat, asked that I share some recent pictures of the kids :-)

I am happy to oblige! I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but my sweet little man, Liam, looks even more so like a little man! The day before Thanksgiving I decided it was time to cut his amazing curly hair. It had gotten very long and, a little man cut was needed.

I think he looks quite dashing :-)

(Liam with his newly built cathedral.)

Here is Miss Brenna. My lovely, compassionate and very passionate 8 year old! She is now reading...though she is still uncertain of her skills. Mama is very proud though :-)

And here are my youngest and eldest...Rowan is now 20months and a beautiful, vibrant little girl. She has a limited vocabulary, but she most definitely lets us know if she wants something or if she is not a happy camper ;-)
Fiona will be 11 next can that be!? She is a wonderful helper...loving, friendly and outgoing. I have been able to more and more rely upon her for aide(even Brenna is a big help to me now!) and know that in most things I can trust her to do what I need.

These children are a bright light in my life. I am so grateful that the Lord saw fit to bless us with such dear children. Each day is interesting, and to be true, can be challenging as well. But I wouldn't trade a day with my children for anything. The fact that I have been a Mama for almost 11 years kind of startles me. Can it be so? And can I really be so impatient? Ha! I strive to be a good example to them and know that I fail regularly, but I hope that when I don't fail they are soaking it in. I hope to some day let fly these little arrows, so that they can make their mark to glorify God and shine His Light throughout our world! May each day bring me closer to the mother they need and may each day bring them closer to the man or woman God would have them be!

Lots of love,

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