Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving is just around the corner....

I find that many of us(myself included) tend to get so enthralled with the holiday season and preparations for Christmas, that we tend to skip past Thanksgiving as quickly as is proper. I doubt there are many of us that just skip it, but perhaps we don't put the same effort into it as we might otherwise. Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE Christmas, and begin thinking on it...well...maybe in June! So, I too am already preparing and planning for it. But, this year, I am especially aware of my need to be thankful. To thank my dear Lord for His mighty provision and care.
You see, it has been an especially lean year. There have been job changes, new baby and bills that tend to overwhelm....and yet, He has been beside us this whole time, seeing that we get through. Just as I begin to waver and panic, He reminds me who He is and that I am His! And so, how can I swiftly pass by this day of ultimate thanksgiving? I can not! Many people say "Thanks" on this day, but not to the Mighty Provider. I am hoping to keep my thoughts on Him that day and to teach my children whom they should ultimately give thanks to, in all things.
So, I'm wondering what all my friends are doing this coming Thanksgiving. Are you having a gathering of family or friends...both maybe? Will it be formal or casual? What are some of your traditions?
I plan to post again about what we do or will be doing this do come by again and visit, and please share in the comments your thoughts:-)

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Tilly said...

A wonderful reminder Sommer! We always go down to my dad's parents' home. His brother and sister, and their families live right there, so it is a big occasion! This year my sil, my cousin, and myself are all expecting, so I'm sure there will be some group belly shots. :) The whole house gets packed with tables and chair and benches, and we have a fantastic, huge meal and then spend a few days just enjoying each other...and the left overs. ;-) Normally the first Sunday after Thanksgiving is the first of Advent, but that wont start until Dec. 2nd this year....I really love this time of year!!